What’s Mastery about?

Mastery is a playground designed to unlock the legend inside you—a roadmap to get unstuck, turned on, and deeply planted inside a supportive community.

It’s time to step into a whole new paradigm, where:

  • sisterhood, community, and connection take the place of competition, criticism and doubt
  • women are no longer at war with their bodies—rather, every woman is taught to see her body for what it is: beautiful, sacred, powerful and so, so worthy of approval
  • women inhabit a legacy of radical self-celebration, empowered feminine leadership, and the unfettered gift of being a woman
  • women grab the mic, they are encouraged to speak their deepest truth, from the boardroom to the bedroom
  • we trade depletion, obligation, overwork and resentment for gratitude-filled, passionate contribution to our families, communities and society

I created The School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program because with the right tools, practices and community—we can make this a reality. The revolution starts with you.


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Why Mastery?

The Mastery experience is provocative, effective and profound—designed to connect you to the very source of your power as a woman, and use that connection to pursue whatever it is you desire in your life.

In a way, Mastery is an unlearning.

Unlearning the damaging messages we got about our bodies, unlearning the limitations we internalize inside a patriarchal culture, unlearning the patterns of playing small, unlearning shame around our emotions and our truth.

The reasons to enroll in Mastery are as unique as each of our students. That said, many women come to us having experiences like these:

  • You’re yearning for more. More connection. More meaning. More sensuality. More abundance. More fun. More.
  • Life is fine, or even good—but you’re ready to break through the next glass ceiling and soar to even greater heights.
  • You’re tired of taking care of everyone else’s needs first—you want to explore your needs.
  • You’re wondering if it’s too late for you, or you’ve pretty much given up on your desires.
  • You think you might be cursed when it comes to dating, relationships and love…but you long for fulfilling partnership.

The course is all about you, in relationship with you—because when you turn your attention inward, it quickly radiates outwards into your work relationships, romantic relationships, family relationships, and all aspects of your life.

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How the Program Works

Intensives in New York City

The Mastery program is held over the course of three live intensives in the spring (March-June), with robust support structures in between. These weekends are intense, moving, and powerful. They are designed to teach you the tools and arts through experiential, embodied learning. You can expect unparalleled experiences of sisterhood, emotional heights, and breakthroughs.

Intensives are held in a gorgeous venue in the heart of New York City. Every session is taught by Regena Thomashauer, and supported by a devoted team of staff and graduate volunteers.


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The Mastery Curriculum


In our first live experience together, we’ll crack open a whole new paradigm for the feminine. We’ll unpack where we are as women culturally, discuss what messages we’ve been taught and explore how we’ve disconnected from our truth. You’ll then begin the process of reconnecting with your deepest desires, and kick off a radically new relationship with your body. This weekend is about getting unstuck, connected in sisterhood, and learning the foundational tools to begin your transformation.


Part Two: Owning every face of womanhood

Part two of our journey is all about learning how to feel. It’s about unleashing and trusting your emotional range and discovering how to use this innate aspect of your womanhood for good. So much wisdom lies in the emotions we’ve been taught to keep a lid on (grief, rage, frustration, ecstasy, joy). You’ll learn how to access, embody and move through to your power spot. You’ll gain the tools you require to step out of victim, and into creatrix of your life, owning the perfection of your storyline at every turn.


Part Three: Radiance in Action

After a period of integration and practice at-home and online, we’ll gather for a final weekend to expand your toolbox and create the life you truly desire. This weekend is where we dig deep into relationship and decode the man/woman game, uncovering the myths we’ve been taught, discovering new ways of relating to one another and focusing on integrating this work into all aspects of your life.


And lots of support in between intensives

Weekly Exercises

You will receive weekly assignments throughout your Mastery experience. Each week, you are given tools, exercises and activities to support, strengthen, and expand everything you’re learning inside the room. Everything from provocative written exercises, to book recommendations, to conscious explorations in your relationships–each exercise and tool is designed to bring the Mastery classroom into the laboratory of your life.

Practice Calls

Every week you’ll have access to Practice Calls led by a seasoned graduate, designed to help you practice the tools you’re learning in class while staying connected and supported by other students as you integrate the tools into your life. You choose how many calls to participate in—you can get an infusion of sisterhood every few days, just once a week, or even once a month.

Online Community

You’ll get 24/7 access to our private online community where you will receive encouragement, witness and support from the women in class with you. You’ll be able to post about your homework, practice the tools and reach out for a study buddy! Your classmates will join you from all over the world, united in sisterhood. In addition to access to the online group just for your class, you will receive complimentary lifetime access to our alumni online community upon graduation.

It’s an education like no other and will transform your life. ~ Annette Freeman

Plus Even More!

Guest Teachers

Mastery guest teachers are nationally recognized authors, educators, and scholars. We select the best of the best to share their expertise across a broad range of subjects from personal finance to women’s sensual health. Guest Teachers will lead teleclasses on topics to compliment and ignite your learning in the course! Past speakers include Christiane Northrup, Barbara Stanny, Marie Forleo, Sheila Kelley, Nicole Daedone and more.


Community Gatherings

Mastery doesn’t end when class ends. After class, New York City is your laboratory. We’ll host a party during the first intensive weekend—plus there are always events to attend in and around the weekend created by women in the community. We also encourage you to connect with other women outside of the classroom both during and between the weekends.

I’ve never felt more happy, beautiful, sexy and sensual, or deeply connected to my husband than I do right now. ~ Jane

Mastery starts March 2018

Early enrollment will open in the Fall of 2017. If you’re feeling the pull, we encourage you to get yourself on our email list to be notified when it opens.

I used to feel shame around not standing for the life I knew I wanted and was capable of. When I signed up for Mastery, I had no idea who would watch my kids, or how I would pay for it. I only knew that I would be there. There was a woman inside me crying to come out and I knew it was her time. Going through the Mastery program was one of the biggest miracles in my life.


I was intrigued, but I had a lot of reasons “why not” and they all boiled down to being unwilling to give it to myself. I spent a long time knowing that I wasn’t giving myself something that would be joyous. I kept thinking it was about the money. It really took a lot for me to love myself enough to sign up.


Before Mastery, I had been studying the whole spiritual thing—I had the mind, I had the spirit, but the BODY wasn’t in it! I was a head case. And then in Mastery, I started paying attention to moving my body, to getting in the pleasure of my body, to understanding her and what she wanted and what she didn’t. The difference now is that I’m IN my body. I live in my body.

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