**This season’s Womanly Arts Experience event is full. The full Womanly Arts Mastery program, though, still has a few spaces available. It will be the very last ever, and your last chance to experience Mama Gena in this way, live and in-person. If you’d like to speak one-on-one with a Mastery course graduate to see if the Mastery program is a fit for you, book an Exploratory Call Session here.**

There is an epidemic amongst women right now.

Exhaustion that is so much deeper than just being tired.
Resignation that has nothing to do with our true potential.
Self-doubt that always manages to creep in somewhere.
Overwhelm that can lock us in despair and hopelessness.
Anger that doesn’t have a voice.
A life that lacks… aliveness.

We are plugged into our electronic devices, yet completely unplugged from a feeling of deep belonging.

We are doing all the work to be done, but without any sense of the joyful enthusiasm we were born with, while doing it. (Or any appreciation.)

And we wonder — what would it actually take to repair this painful disconnect between ourselves and our raw, primal, divine life force?

This is why I created the School of Womanly Arts over 20 years ago. What started as just six women in my living room has since grown into a global movement, with thousands of graduates worldwide.

I am so thrilled to invite you to this event — an immersive, in-person two-day introduction to the tools, perspectives, and sisterhood that allow a woman to access her true power, beauty, and re-energized brilliance.

I want you to leave feeling self-approved AF.

Over the course of our weekend together, you’ll understand the reasons we’re collectively stuck as women, and you’ll feel what profound change is possible inside a new paradigm of the feminine.

You’ll leave with a new lens on your challenges, your desires, and your potential – along with actionable tools for having more fun and feeling more alive when you return to everyday life after the weekend.

I hope you decide to join us!


Regena Thomashauer, aka “Mama Gena”
Founder of The School of Womanly Arts

During this weekend course, you’ll:

  • Reconnect with your joy, radiance, and passion
  • Get clear on where and why you’re stuck, and understand the key requirement to break through
  • Learn a brand new paradigm for getting what you want, with less willpower and struggle
  • Uncover and better understand the cultural conditioning we’ve internalized as women, and how to shift it
  • Tap into the game-changing power of your emotional truth, and how to leverage it
  • Experience the transformational beauty of sisterhood, and why it changes everything
  • Unpack your sensual awareness and find out why it’s critical for spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and cultural health
  • Gain a life-changing taste of Regena’s signature teaching program called Mastery

And so much more. . .

Join us at The Experience

I was blown away. There was so much positive, life-changing information that was shared. I couldn’t believe it. Come. Bring all your considerations, but just come. ~ Orisha Suares

I loved watching Mama Gena in action. She is inspiring and you don’t get that on a conference call or in a book. ~ Eve Springer

It was unforgettable! I felt challenged and encouraged to be exactly where I was. The weekend helped me feel and embrace my vulnerability, my lovability and my power. ~ Susan Sparkman

It’s not just you

Right now we exist inside a patriarchal culture that cuts women off from their life force. It isolates us, and teaches us to compete instead of collaborate. We are told our bodies are wrong, our minds are irrational, and our desires are selfish. From the time we are little girls, we learn to fit in, play small, and take care of everyone else first. To keep a lid on our dreams and a cork on our truth. To be pleasing at all costs.

This has profound consequences, and while we often misinterpret them as individual failings — they’re actually closely related to our collective cultural situation as women. Any of these impacts sound familiar?

  • Craving more — maybe your life is good, great even, but you yearn to feel truly alive, and to know that you’re living your maximum potential in a meaningful way.
  • Yearning for purpose — you know you’re meant to play a bigger game and you want more than anything to make a positive difference for others, but you can’t figure out what you’re meant to do, nevermind how to make a living doing it.
  • Feeling stuck — in your marriage, in relationships, in a dead-end job, in your body, or in your ability to make your desires a reality. You’re losing faith that things will ever change.
  • Hating your body — feeling conflicted, upset, or downright at war with yourself, wishing you were smaller, bigger, thinner, more attractive, less attractive, different in some way.
  • Cut off from your sensual aliveness — no sex drive, no turn on, no luster.
  • Constantly in self-doubt — second-guessing everything you say and do, playing small and hiding for fear you’re not good enough.
  • Trapped in a “Man’s World” — feeling a deep internal conflict between embodying your feminine nature and navigating a world in which you’re expected to “Man Up” in order to succeed.
  • Settling for crumbs — putting yourself last, after your partner, kids, career, and everyone else gets taken care of. You’re starting to wonder, “When is it my time? When do I get to do what’s best for me? And how do I focus on myself without everything crashing down?”
  • In survival mode — life feels like a constant struggle, just getting the obligations met. You can’t seem to get ahead.
  • Overwhelmed by the state of the world — feeling horrified by hate and violence, grieving the destruction of mother earth, fearing the current political climate, and feeling powerless in the face of it all

Sisters, it doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, now more than ever, it’s time to rise up and actually live the legend we are each born to be. It’s time to recognize what a force we are and harness our truth and our power.

In order to do this, we need to repair what has been broken, disparaged, and discounted in each of us. We need to reclaim the very thing that we have been taught to shut down, avoid and ignore.

The solution is not what any of us were taught.
In fact, it is the very last place we tend to look.
The solution is both simple and challenging to accomplish.

The key is reconnecting to
your turn-on.

Your turn-on is your aliveness, your radiance, your confidence.
It’s the reclamation of your power and your voice.
It’s the ability to seek and speak your truth with fierce love.
It’s how you switch your light ON, instead of dimming it down.

Turning on means owning and leveraging the brilliance of your feminine body and soul. It means operating in the world with a deep-seated understanding of your worth and enoughness. To turn on is to plug back into the impenetrable connection to your divinity. No less.

This work is all about creating the missing pathway out of victimhood and into your own inherent radiance. A pathway that does not depend on anything or anyone, but rather places the power firmly in your own hands.

The School of Womanly Arts is created of women, by women, and for women. It’s not-so-secret purpose is to initiate each student into full possession of her inalienable, indefatigable, and indestructible feminine spirit in the face of life’s challenges. And to plant her solidly inside the fertile soil of sisterhood, knowing she cannot, and will not, do it alone.

At this event, you’ll get a felt experience and see first-hand, how turn-on — and the practical, actionable steps to connect to it — will lead you to the things you most desire: to find your voice at work and home, reclaim your aliveness, love the body you have no matter what it looks like, heal your relationships, find deep love for yourself and others, experience true sisterhood, restore your passion and learn how to continually expand the raw, wild enthusiasm that you were born with.


After a long time, I felt like a woman again. The feeling of sisterhood is something I’ve never experienced before! This event is a must for every woman in order to live a life that satisfies her. ~ Kristina Tshistova

The minute I signed up, I had an overwhelming sense of empowerment that I had actually done something for me. I loved the connections I made, loved that I danced more in 2 days then I have in 5 years, and I left with a feeling that I control my destiny. I felt alive. The weekend gave me new inspiration and hope. Our lives fly by and I do not want to be that girl reflecting on what I wish I would have done in my 30s, 40’s and so on. ~ Melissa

OMG it was unbelievable. I finally GET this brilliant work! I think it is possible that the longer you have been marinating in our cultural broth (I will be 67 in a few weeks) the longer it takes to open to it. I feel transformed and on the edge of profound and positive change—as though there is a part of it that I am knowing for the first time.~ Cathy

The Experience is an in-person two-day immersive Introduction to Regena’s teaching and her signature program, The School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program.

We’ll meet for two full days, from 10am – 6pm on both Saturday and Sunday – at a beautiful venue in New York City.

Please note: This season’s event is full to capacity, and we are no longer accepting registrations.

So…what’s the Investment?

There is a reservation fee of $65 but we do not charge tuition for this event. The teaching is Regena’s gift to this community, and one of the ways The School of Womanly Arts can best serve our mission —

to light up, turn-on, and teach women a new feminine paradigm.

Plus, because this work is so experiential (it’s not a head game, at all), we want to give you a truly embodied, felt understanding of what we do in our signature program, Mastery, so you can decide whether it might be a fit for you.

Since we created The Experience event five years ago, over 6,500 women have attended (and every year we have nearly twice as many women wanting to attend as there is space for!) — we’re so moved to hear the stories of how their lives changed for the better, because they got themselves in that room.

We know that getting yourself here for this event and taking a full weekend just for you, is an investment on so many levels.

Saying yes to this can be a practical and emotional feat, given how full your plate is between work, family, schedules, and other obligations. The majority of women travel in for the event, and many fly from across the country or abroad — all of which involves additional costs. Measuring if all that is worth it can be challenging.

We often hear from participants that joining us for this weekend feels like a leap of faith.

They might not be able to put their finger on exactly why, but something here calls to them; there’s an intuitive pull and a desire to participate. Of course, this is juxtaposed with all the practical and logistical reasons not to come.

As you weigh the variables, know this: if you can get yourself in that room, it will be worth it.

We’re committed to delivering an incredibly rich, deeply valuable, and transformative learning experience. One we think you’ll look back on as a game-changer, where you’re glad you listened to that inner voice that pulled you forward.


The Womanly Arts Experience was an incredibly transformative and moving event that has continued to shape my life to this day.~ Rachel Burwell

I am so glad that I pushed myself to come! My desire was to connect back to my true self, the one that has been buried so deep that I don’t even recognize her at times. This weekend fueled and motivated me. There were so many moments that made me laugh, cry, roar and reconnect to myself and other women. It was amazing, the energy, the power, the beauty. I can feel myself come alive just thinking about it as I type. ~ Lorraine Smith

I was in a long-term rut! I had given up on ever finding love and I was numb and hopeless. Worst of all, I was OK with that or I thought I was OK. I went in resigned, thinking that when the weekend ends, life will go back to how it was — because you know, these things never last. Well, how wrong was I. I’m still on fire. I feel alive and powerful. I know my life will never be the same because I’ve unlocked something that I thought was gone forever. ~ Jenise Caiola


Plus…Event Bonuses!

When you register for The Experience, you’ll get three more goodies. The first will be emailed immediately after registration, and the last two will be available closer to the event — so you can begin to connect with The Experience, Mama Gena, and other women even before the weekend.


Bonus 1: 5 Days OF RECEIVING workbook

Whether it’s taking in compliments, allowing praise, or even celebrating our hard-won accomplishments in life — most women have a really hard time receiving. You’ll gain insight into what it means to truly receive, why it’s so difficult, and how to shift it using daily “homework” to experiment with. This downloadable workbook will be sent to you immediately upon event registration so you can get started right away.


Bonus 2: Community Support via Private Facebook Group

About a month before the event, you’ll receive access to an exclusive Facebook Group only available to women who are registered for this February Experience event. This will be a place to get to know each other, ask questions, find travel or housing partners for the weekend, and get logistical support from staff pre-event. You’ll be able to connect with our team, as well as graduates of the School who will also be in attendance at the live event.


Bonus 3: Live Training

Throughout the month of January, inside your exclusive Facebook group, Regena will be offering live video trainings and Q & A time. She’ll take you through some of the teachings from her recent New York Times Best Selling book, Pussy: A Reclamation. January is guaranteed to be a rich month of conversation and interaction. It will prepare you to get even more out of our time together in person, so we can go deeper, faster.

I felt scared — nervous I wouldn’t fit in. I was worried about traveling to New York on my own. By noon on the first day, my fears had melted away. Everyone was so warm, welcoming, accepting and encouraging. I felt like I didn’t have to put on a fake face for anyone, I could be me. The true Lisa. It’s worth being a little out of your comfort zone to get what you really, really want and desire. ~ Lisa Hyland

I know it’s no small feat to
get yourself to this event.

That’s actually part of what makes it so transformative when you do. Many women will fly across the country to attend and about 10% will fly in from overseas.

Whether it’s work, partners, kids, parents, or who knows what else — you have a full plate. The travel plans alone can make your head ache — but this weekend, it’s all about YOU and the life you deeply desire to create.

As women, we’re trained to put everyone and everything else first — and seen through that lens, coming to The Experience will make no sense whatsoever.

But here’s the thing: There is immense power in taking time and space for you. Not just a quickie yoga class downtown or a night out with the girls.

No — a full weekend, outside of regular space and time, where obligations are on pause, and the hustle stops. Where there is nothing to do and nowhere to be, except in the rapture and beauty of your womanhood.

You will go home in a completely different state than you came — and everyone in your life will benefit.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the event details and do you have travel recommendations?

As soon as you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all of the venue details, travel info, and suggestions on how to find accommodations for yourself. Additionally, we’ll send you a link to a room/travel sharing document where you can post and respond to requests from other attendees. If you’d like to get a head start on booking flights, you can fly into any of the major NYC-area airports: La Guardia, JFK, or Newark.

Is there a minimum age to attend?
You must be at least 18 years of age to attend our event. In the past, our attendees have ranged in age from 18 – 92 years old!

Can I invite my friend?
Yes, please do! This event tends to fill quickly, so now is the time to invite whoever you’d like to share this experience with and make sure she registers ASAP.

Can I register for someone else?
Yes you can, but please be sure to use their email address and their contact information. Only one guest may be registered per email address, to ensure we have a seat for each attendee. In other words, if you accidentally register multiple names under one email address, only one ticket will be reserved and there will be missing names on our list.

I don’t know anyone else attending — can I come to this event alone?
Absolutely! We know it’s not always fun to travel alone. Rest assured, you’ll be welcomed into one of the most supportive communities of women on the planet. Our introductory events have 1000-2000 women in attendance — it’s an amazing experience to witness those connections and see how easily sisterhood can be built.

I’m a Mastery Grad, how do I register?
We do have separate registration details for graduates of our Mastery program. If you’re on our graduate email list, check your inbox for details on how and where to register. Feel free to get in touch with any questions or if you didn’t receive the info!

Do you offer a live stream option for remote participation?
Unfortunately, we do not currently offer a live stream option. So much of this work is an embodied experience — it can’t be thought through or intellectualized. We believe being live together is part of how transformation can happen at lightning speed.

Will I actually learn things I can use right away or is this going to be an annoying sales event?
We want this to be such a valuable experience for you — a deeply embodied and transformative weekend — so we’re not holding back. And it’s just an introduction to the deep work we do in our Mastery program — the tip of the iceberg, really. We will be offering a special bonus package and discount during the event if you do decide to go deeper with us but whether or not you choose to enroll in Mastery, you’ll come away with life-changing practices and discoveries. We do hope you’ll want to join The School of Womanly Arts for deeper study — especially since Mastery 2019 will be the last year of Mastery ever — and the best way we can think to encourage that is to make this introduction as rich and amazing and powerful and non-sales-y as we can (while still letting you know we offer a three-month program that’s open for registration.)

I already know I desire to enroll in Mastery. Can I join now, and still attend?
Yes, for sure. Go ahead and reserve your seat for The Experience and then call us to finalize your registration at 212-787-2411 ext 1.

I’m already enrolled in Mastery. Should I still attend?
If you’d like, yes, we’d love to have you! It will be a great way to get the momentum started, and connect with some of your classmates, as you prepare for our first intensive in the spring. Attending The Experience definitely isn’t a prerequisite for Mastery, though.

I went to the weekend with the attitude—“No way anyone is gonna teach me how to be a woman.” But, I LOVED IT! It wasn’t always easy for me to build relationships with women and to allow myself to be vulnerable. At the Experience, I was crying, dancing, laughing, and sharing a meal with perfect strangers. My biggest takeaway? It is possible to be an outrageously, incredibly smart and sensual woman, and not feel alone in that. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain and the most important part of what you have to gain will be yourself. ~ Marlyn Cazeau