Meet Regena Thomashauer,
AKA Mama Gena, founder

Regena Thomashauer (a.k.a. “Mama Gena”) is a revolution: an icon, teacher, New York Times bestselling author, mother, and founder and CEO of the School of Womanly Arts, which began in her living room in 1998 and has since grown into a global movement. She believes that women are the greatest untapped natural resource on the planet, and she teaches them to turn on their innate feminine power to create a life they love.

Thomashauer’s approach stems from decades of research in the social, cultural and economic history of women. She opens doors for women with her distinctive style, which is at once irreverent, unwavering, inspirational, and moving.

In addition to leading the School, Thomashauer has authored three popular books—Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, Mama Gena’s Owner’s and Operator’s Guide To Men and Mama Gena’s Marriage Manual—and has been featured widely as a leading expert in modern feminism. Her fourth book, Pussy: A Reclamation, debuted in September 2016 and became a New York Times Bestseller in three categories!



Regena runs the school with a small, devoted team—along with dozens of graduate volunteers who help to produce the outstanding live events The School of Womanly Arts is known for.

The world needs women. Turned on, embodied, empowered, enthusiastic women. The revolution starts with you.

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