Mastery is for women who know they have untapped potential.

Do you have any idea how powerful you are? Do you know that you’re beautiful, worthy, hot, and capable?

In the world today, we as women are undervalued at work, at home, and in relationship. We are at war with our bodies and disconnected from our truth. We live in a culture that teaches us to turn off. To play small. To take care of everyone else first. To keep a lid on our dreams and a cork on our truth and desires.

This has profound consequences in our personal and professional lives — and in the larger culture — and we are too valuable to waste on self-doubt.

It’s time for us as women to step out of victimhood and into our inherent radiance. To discover a pathway that does not depend on anything or anyone else, but rather places the power firmly in a woman’s own hands.

That’s exactly why The School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program was created over 20 years ago, to be a road map for women to get unstuck, turned on, and thriving inside a deeply supportive community.

Mastery is an immersive, experiential course, with a combination of live intensives in New York City and ongoing support structures in between.

Consider this program a playground designed to help you live the legend you were born to be. Maybe that means you finally write that book or start that business or non-profit that’s been brewing in you. Or let in the love you so yearn for and deserve. Or earn a living that properly values your gifts and talents. Or lead a revolution. Whatever they may be, Mastery will give you the tools and training to unfold your deepest desires in this lifetime.


Mastery teaches you a new way…

First, we have to unlearn what we’ve been taught. Unlearn the damaging messages we got about our bodies, unlearn the limitations we internalize inside a patriarchal culture, unlearn the patterns of playing small, unlearn shame around our emotions and our truth.

Then we’ll begin to navigate the world through the lens of the Feminine. Inside of this realm, you’ll learn to access your innate power, your authentic voice, and the sensual brilliance which is your birthright as a woman.

You’ll discover a whole new paradigm, where:

  • Sisterhood, community, and connection take the place of competition, criticism, and doubt.
  • Women are no longer at war with their bodies—rather, every girl is taught to see her body for what it is: beautiful, sacred, powerful, and so, so worthy of approval.
  • The women of today, the girls of tomorrow, inhabit a legacy of radical self-celebration and empowered feminine leadership, instead of judging themselves and playing small.
  • Women grab the mic. They are expected and encouraged to seek and speak their deepest truth, from the boardroom to the bedroom.
  • We trade depletion, obligation, overwork, overwhelm and resentment for gratitude-filled, passionate contribution to our families, communities, and society.

The School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program was created because with the right tools, practices, and community — we can make this a reality.

Why women choose Mastery

The reasons to enroll in Mastery are as unique as each of our students. That said, many women come to us with common experiences. Maybe you’re feeling one of the following ways:

  • You’re yearning for more. More connection. More meaning. More sensuality. More abundance. More fun. More.
  • Life is fine, or even good—but you’re ready to break through the next glass ceiling and soar to even greater heights.
  • You’re getting sick and tired of taking care of everyone else’s needs first, and you know it’s time to prioritize your own, but what if everything comes crashing down when you do?
  • You’re wondering if it’s just too late for you, and you’ve pretty much given up on your desires.
  • You think you might be cursed when it comes to dating, but you long for fulfilling partnership.
  • You crave a sense of true belonging (and sometimes may even feel lonely in your life). You have lots of connections but are hungry for deep, rich, real, in-person community.
  • You struggle with your body image and are disapproving of yourself and wishing you looked different. You want to reclaim your radiance.
  • You just feel stuck—whether it’s in your marriage, your career, your body, or your general ability to make your desires a reality.
  • You’re constantly in self-doubt—second guessing everything you say and do and hiding for fear you’re not good enough.
  • You feel trapped in a man’s world, where you’re always having to “man up” in order to succeed, while overriding your feminine nature.

The Mastery experience is provocative, effective, and profound—designed to connect you to the very source of your power as a woman, and then use that connection to create lasting change and incredible results in your life.

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What makes Mastery so powerful


Game-Changing Tools & Practices:

You’ll learn powerful strategies to navigate any area of your life—relationships, career, body, confidence, sensuality, and more. This isn’t just an intellectual venture. The tools you’ll learn are designed to get you out of your head — where so many of us have been taught to live our lives — and into your body, your emotional range, your intuition, your feminine brilliance. That’s where real, deep, cellular change can happen. You will leave Mastery with a repertoire of tools and practices that will sustain you for the rest of your life.


Reclamation of Your Turn-on:

Your turn-on is your aliveness, your radiance, your confidence. It’s the reclamation of your power and your voice. It’s the ability to seek and speak your truth with fierce love. It’s how you switch your light ON, instead of dimming it down. Turning on means owning and leveraging the brilliance of your feminine body and soul. It means operating in the world with a deep-seated understanding of your worth and enoughness. To turn on is to plug back into the impenetrable connection to your divinity, your truth, and your authentic power. Mastery will show you how.


Doing this work is not and was never meant to be a solo journey. We need each other. Which is the opposite of what we were taught that women are competition. Women need sisterhood like we need oxygen, and it is sisterhood that can source and sustain our dreams and desires. In this community, you will find women who have your back no matter what, and will push you further and faster than you could ever go on your own.

This course is all about you, in relationship with you — but when you turn your attention inward, it quickly radiates outwards into your work relationships, romantic relationships, family relationships, and all aspects of your life.

Imagine what your life would be like if you could more powerfully and easefully leverage the qualities of the feminine — many of which we’ve been conditioned to shut down and ignore—like intuition, creativity, sensuality, emotional range, and more.

What kind of results can I expect?

Mastery is designed to reconnect you with the deepest part of yourself — and the tools you’ll learn will help you channel this new source of power towards the areas you most desire to shift. Our students have transformed their relationships with love, money, sex, sisterhood and more.

Here are some of the core life areas that tend to transform in a woman’s life as a result of her Mastery experience…


Mastery is, at its core, designed to strengthen your relationship with yourself. You’ll be supported and trained to access and express your truth — which is a powerful catalyst to transform every relationship in your life. From a place of deep connection with themselves, our students report falling in love, healing troubled marriages, reconnecting with estranged family members, and creating thriving friendships. Other students finally find the strength they need to leave relationships that are no longer serving them, or confront conflicts that need attention.

One of the reasons I decided to do Mastery was to find a graceful exit from my marriage. But when I got into the program, I realized it really wasn’t about him. It was about me learning to identify and ask for what I wanted. It’s amazing how willing my husband has been to please me, he really is an amazing guy. I’m happy now, and I didn’t ever think I’d get to say that. ~Fran

Before Mastery, I rarely dated, and when I did date, they were totally unavailable. During Mastery, I was shown how to bring the best of me to the dating table for the first time. It became the grand adventure I had always wanted. Within a week after graduating, I started dating my love and we’ve been together now for four years. It’s everything I wanted in relationship, but I had never truly believed that it could be this good. There is magic and power to what Regena teaches, in a way I don’t believe can be found anywhere else. ~Elizabeth

I know that what every mother wants to pass on to her daughter is body love, pride, and joy in being a woman. Mastery gives that to a mother. It enabled me to heal, so I could clear the way for my daughter. ~Sil Reynolds

Money & Career

Many women come in to Mastery with big desires around career, finance, and purpose. Even though Mastery isn’t a business or finance course, we notice that our students often see financial and professional growth throughout and after Mastery. Why? The truth is, the best business training in the world will not get you results if you don’t have the inner confidence, trust, and passion required to take the necessary steps. Mastery provides you the opportunity to confront the patterns and limitations that are between you and your goals, along with a new framework for how to attract and receive your desires (or figure out what you want in the first place). Plus, you’ll be immersed in a thriving community of women across all industries and skillsets—networking inside a supportive sisterhood is a powerful thing. Because Mastery graduates become effective, legendary leaders in their own lives and in their workplaces, it’s a worthwhile investment for progressive employers who want to develop and retain their best women and enhance productivity and innovation.

Not only did I not have the money, I didn’t even know how I was going to get to New York. When I got into that community of women, I met some major powerhouses who inspired me to be my own powerhouse. So I started my own business. My financial life is unrecognizable now. Post-Mastery, I remember the first time I did an $8500 month. Since then, I’ve earned that consistently, or better. ~Denise

With the tools that I learned in Mastery, I negotiated 6 weeks vacation in the summer to be with my son, a salary increase, and a title of Executive Vice President. And it’s all because of a paradigm shift that happened in Mastery. All I can say is: Trust this woman. I can honestly tell you my life has changed phenomenally. ~Victoria

Halfway through the program, I got my first 5-figure paycheck—that literally triple-paid what Mastery cost. So yes, it was totally fucking worth it. If you are called to do it, do it. ~K. A.

Body & Confidence

It’s nearly impossible to be a woman in this culture, without some level of disapproval, disconnection, and insecurity when it comes to your body and your sense of confidence in the world. It’s one of the most insidious and damaging byproducts of being raised in our patriarchal culture, and Mastery is designed to turn all of that around in a joyful, outrageous, and effective way. Often for the first time, our students get to feel what it’s like to be celebrated, seen, and activated — exactly as they are. Additionally, you’ll receive specific tools, concepts, and practices that will change your internal dialogue, instill deep confidence, and give you the courage to play a bigger game.

Before Mastery I pretty much hated myself, and every time I walked past the mirror, I found something that was not beautiful, that I found imperfect. Now, I adore every part of my body. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I really understand what a gift I am. That’s the gift that I now freely bring to the world. ~Tatiana

Because of Mastery, I started taking better care of myself. And now, I’ve got a whole new body. 60 pounds gone. ~Ayodele Moore

I don’t feel that trepidation of going into a room, a party, an interview—I come into those spaces with confidence now. And that totally changes how people react to me. I’ve never made that kind of investment in myself before, and it was a really hard decision to make. But it was SO worth it. ~Alyce

sisterhood & community

Sisterhood is one of the most undervalued forces in the world of women today — and so many of us are suffering in its absence. Mastery gives women a felt experience of what’s possible in connection with other women and begins to repair the disconnection, competition, and hurt that so often informs our relationships. There is absolutely nothing else that feels the way it feels to be in a room with so many energized women. It feeds an old, old hunger, and it is powerful.

The sisterhood I discovered changed my life. Women who believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. Women who held the vision for me when my desires seemed so far away. Women who put the mirror up in front of me, to keep me accountable to my truth. Our support for each other is deeply healing, paradigm-shifting. ~Leslie

Before Mastery, I was this busy, stressed out lawyer working at one of the top law firms in the country, and pretty much did not have a life for myself. I was really feeling like, “What is the point of it all? If this was all I thought I wanted, how come I’m so unhappy?” I knew I was thirsty for Mastery, it was the drink that I needed. Having a group of supportive women who believe in you, and support you, and can work the tools with you is incredible. ~Jocelyn

Healing & Reclamation

Above all, Mastery is a Reclamation of what has always been your birthright: your radiance, your life force, and the part of you that is not—and has never been—broken. Through the tools, practices, concepts, and community, many of our students experience deep healing and a new level of freedom for themselves.

On the outside, I was performing at the top of the charts. And on the inside, I just felt this rising panic, like I’m dying and nobody knows. I have sexual abuse in my history and I thought there really wasn’t a way to heal that. But Mastery gave me the tools that I’d never thought I’d get, to actually reclaim my body as mine, and then to enjoy being in my body. ~Eliza

I used to feel shame all the time. Shame for being a woman with no voice. Shame for feeling not good enough, accomplished enough, well-dressed enough. Most of all, shame at not standing for the life I knew I wanted and was capable of. When I signed up for Mastery, I had no idea who would watch my kids or how I would pay for it. I only knew that I would be there. Going through the Mastery program was one of the biggest miracles in my life. I now know my truth. I now know what it’s like to feel fully alive. ~Esther Fink

Why take Mastery now?

After two decades of teaching the Womanly Arts Mastery program, Regena Thomashauer, our beloved Mama Gena, has made the personal decision to make Mastery 2019 the last ever. It will be legendary, it will be historic, it will be glorious. And if you’re feeling called, it will be your only opportunity from now until forever.